Dosha Assessment

Select each statement that applies to your current skin condition.

    1).My Skin
  • is dry-especially when I travel, in winter or windy weather
  • is sensitive - soaps and cosmetics easily give me itchiness or rash
  • is prone to congestio
  • None of the above
    2).My Skin
  • is fine - I can easily feel my bone structure
  • is medium thickness - I can feel muscles when I touch my face
  • is thicker - I feel full flesh when I touch my face
  • None of the above
    3).My Skin
  • is cold and rough or flaky
  • is warm and soft to touc
  • is cool and moist to touch
  • None of the above
    4).My Skin
  • Enjoys warmth
  • burns easily - gets freckles, heat can make me irritable
  • tans slowly - heat makes me feel clammy quickly
  • None of the above
    5).My Skin
  • enjoys oils and rich creams
  • prefers light lotions or gel
  • hates heavy or oily cosmetic preparation
  • None of the above
    6).My Skin
  • has many fine lines especially around my eyes
  • has a visible blood vessel especially on my nose and cheeks
  • has enlarged pores especially on my nose and chin
  • None of the above
    7).My Skin
  • on the lips crack easily
  • on my lips is prone to bleed or get sores
  • on my lips gets sticky
  • None of the above
    8).My Skin
  • looks gray and lifeless when I am stressed or tired
  • looks sallow or flushed when I am stressed or tired
  • looks pale or puffy when I am stressed to tire
  • None of the above
    9).My Skin
  • rarely has breakouts
  • is prone to inflamed and yellow breakouts
  • is prone to blackheads, white heads or deep cyst
  • None of the above

Please select Atleast one Option.